The terrifying truth about luggage locks

There are good possibilities that some might have got terrified by seeing the topic. It is a very common thing to take an extra step to protect the luggage as we cannot have our eyes on them all day.

It is so sad that most of us are thinking it is protecting our luggage. But the truth is that it is the exact opposite of it. From this moment it is better not to trust these luggage locks. In this article, we will see in detail the terrifying truth about luggage locks. If you locked your luggage we recommend to use GT Locksmith from Mississauga, ON.

The TSA can remove any luggage lock

It is not the ability that we are talking about; it is the authority. The Transportation Security Administration has all the rights in the world to open your luggage lock. If they feel that there is something is fishy or detect something in your luggage, they can, and they will open it to make sure that it is safe for everyone. There possibilities that they will call you and ask you to open and at the same time they have the authority to break it and inspect things in your luggage.

Every luggage lock can be opened easily

If you are thinking that using luggage lock is completely protecting your luggage from everything, you are absolutely wrong. Luggage locks can be opened easily. It can be opened by both simple methods and also by destructive methods. There are possibilities that the lock can withstand the simple procedures. But there is no lock in the world that is capable of withstanding the harsh and destructive methods applied to them. Even the finest quality locks will open or break because of the pressure applied to them. If law enforcement does it, they will probably opt for the harsh treatments.


No luggage lock can protect a zipper

The predominant population thinks that using a luggage lock with the zipped luggage is completely protecting it. The truth is that it is of no use. All it takes is a ballpoint pen to puncture the zipper and take advantage of it. On the contrary, if you have an anti-puncture zipper, it can be effective up to a certain level. If you are using a luggage lock, then it is better to use in the luggage where there are no zippers.

Built-in luggage locks are not secure

You might have bought this luggage based on the advertisements. The luggage might be of good quality, but the majority of the locks that are used in most of the luggage are of the same quality. Most of these locks are tubular locks, cruciform locks, and disk locks. The brand might promise a lot, but the bitter truth is that these locks can also be broken easily. These are mass-produced and hence it can be easily bypassed by using improvised keys or using some other techniques.

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